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Both letters and diaries seem to emerge directly from the writer, fresh and intimate, bringing us close to who that person was.

Both satisfy us by showing how people in the past shared many of our hopes, worries, and common sense.

They are plain-spoken, lively, and full of details.A seasoned young hunter in the Keystone State last month was able to bag an impressive bear by any measure with a single shot.Not only was it a mature sow that dressed out at 138 pounds, but it also was a rare albino as well.These differences in turn point to historical changes and continuities in self, social relations, work, and values, which personal letters and diaries capture with special sharpness.Although diaries and letters from the past are immediate, homely, and thus comfortable to read, they are not as simple as they might first seem.(Richardson, 1960) As the Cold War has ended and inter-ethnic conflicts have re-emerged in many parts of the world, it has indeed been a popular thesis of different writers to argue that these inter-ethnic conflicts often have a religious component.


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