Liquidating fiduciary

Because six of the seven directors were materially interested based on their obligations to the venture capital firms and the incentives created by the management incentive plan, the court applied the entire fairness standard, which places the burden of proof on the directors to demonstrate that the transaction resulted from a fair process and produced a fair price.

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The US million sale price left the venture capital firms’ liquidation preferences almost fully satisfied and paid some money into the management incentive plan, but resulted in the common stockholders receiving nothing.You can obtain the forms by clicking on the links below.Otherwise, Fiduciary Partners or the Receiver can provide them to you.Reimbursement – Guaranteed Reimbursement – Non-Guaranteed As noted in the instructions to the reimbursement forms, each form must be submitted to Fiduciary Partners along with a death certificate or Affidavit of Death of the depositor, and a copy of the funeral bill (the Statement of Goods and Services).Forms for other transactions with the Trust can be obtained from Fiduciary Partners. Putnam Investments is sending 10 of its funds to the dustbin of history.


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