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The mother-of-five is now keen to tell of Henry's lucky escape to raise awareness about river safety, fearing if he had jumped in, it would have been a 'different story'.Mrs Mac Donald said: 'Henry went down to swim, and as he went down he felt something.Three teenage male gorillas caused thousands of pounds in damage during a wild rampage at a zoo.

Both shows have shown success, while a similar program, TLC's "The Sisterhood" about preachers' wives, was canceled due to viewer protest. A." will fare in the booming but unpredictable reality show market.The Western lowland trio, each between 150-200kgs, somehow found themselves in a secure corridor in the off-show dens and set off on vandalism spree.Panicked vets, senior animal staff and managers rushed to the scene and after spending a night in the corridor, the animals were shot with tranquilizer darts and taken back to their enclosure.Hobart has experienced both booms and busts over its history.The early 20th century saw a period of growth on the back of mining, agriculture and other primary industries, and the loss of men who served in world wars was counteracted by an influx of immigration after World War II.Prior to British settlement, the area had been occupied for possibly as long as 35,000 years, The descendants of the indigenous Tasmanians now refer to themselves as 'Palawa'.


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