Dads against daughters dating rules

Especially if you can tell the story at the wedding.

Deep within America, beyond your typical evangelicals and run of the mill fundamentalists, nurtured within the homeschool movement and growing by the day, are the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements. I learned that women are to be homemakers while men are to be protectors and providers.

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I was taught that a woman should not have a career, but should rather keep the home and raise the children and submit to her husband, who was her god-given head and authority.

I learned that homeschooling is the only godly way to raise children, because to send them to public school is to turn a child over to the government and the secular humanists.

It is because ‘dad as daughter’s keeper’ plays a big role in telling our young girls to defer to the men they look up to in their lives. We demonstrate through our relationship all the good and bad things relationship brings, and hope our daughters know they are free to choose the same if that is what they want. ” Maybe, but I’m hopeful because I think it is okay for my daughters to make their own choices about the people they choose to bring into their lives.

I learned that a woman is always under male authority, first her father, then her husband, and perhaps, someday, her son.

Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.

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