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So that, we should researched in the reason of this issue and regular migrants at any cause whose labor or human rights have been violated and abused at a certain stage, and rapidly caused the victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation .My name is Michael from Melbourne Australia, I met 26 year old Ekatarina or "kitty11134" at Friendfinder - she's still on there as we speak. It means that we can meet so soon as I didn't ever dreamed! You are to send the money for my name LARISA KOMOVA. We will always contact with her with help of computer and by mail! It was just over a month ago in mid September when I first received an Email from Kitty with a return address [email protected] received about 15 Emails all up, One thing you begin to notice is how quickly this women falls in love with your Emails, there not bad but not as good as she tends to suggest, "Im no Shakespeare" Secondly: you notice a lot of your questions regarding her or anything else for that matter seem to never hardly get answered and is replaced by her dribbling love talk... The address of Western Union is following: GAZPROMBANK 46 ORDJONIKIDZE STR TYUMEN 625000 RUSSIA. I'd love to fly to you simply with help of my love-wings that carry me in my dreams about I will meet you and we will live together forever until death!!! Originally at the start I set out to find out more about this woman's home town Until I stumbled on this Blacklist site by accident, she wasn't listed here in the early stages but I kept a daily check until Oct 26, when she graduated on the list, So initially I was thinking that my luck had changed for the better but how wrong it turned out to be.... Another important information is that I need information about the closest airport to you. I always hoped that she would never turn up here but in the back of my mind I was a little suspicious so when I finally seen her pics here, I had mixed emotions, partly shocked but also felt it was expected as well.... Marina said that she will help me to find very cheap ticket for plain to USA. I hate this world for it is controlled by the money! She quickly forgot about the first suggestion and prompted me in the last Email to pay 0.00 US. I learned about how I can get the visa to come to you to America.


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