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Anthony should get to work on that creature design stat), but after a season rife with monster/human hybrid related challenges, a deplorable lack of zombies and a somewhat meh finale challenge, KOSAR EMERGED VICTORIOUS!! Wayne and Kris have also proved their mettle throughout, continuously bringing in solid design after solid design. can find a way to get past this loss and make his fortune in marketing his own brand of signature eyeliner.

Eric Fox was the last person eliminated before the finale, possibly disadvantaged because he could not visit the Defiance set in Canadialand for the "Plug Defiance" challenge because of what host Mc Kenzie Westmore said were "family issues." K, Kenz. The finale challenge was entitled, "Living the Dream," inspired by "Le Reve: The Dream at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas," which is basically Cirque du Soleil but underwater.

Still..much else worth remembering, besides how few Democrats stood with Gonzalez.

More, from back in the day: Know Your BFEE: Poppys CIA Made Saddam Into the Butcher of London Yank Daily Kos, June 13, 2007 EXCERPT...

Petr Prucha getting his first start since God knows when, was the spark the Rangers needed in a game that the Ranger defensemen were ready to give away.

All of their creations will be featured in a performance of Le Reve In Front of a Live Studio Audience. Anthony Kosar, talented movie make-up designer, intense gazer and all-round adorbz hottie, won Face Off on Tuesday eve. In case anyone is honestly surprised that Anthony won, winning last week's challenge placed him in the finale with fellow designers Wayne Anderson and Kris Kobzina.His triumph was celebrated by, quoth the Caroline, "the weakest confetti fall ever." Yes, his last name sounds like a bad sci-fi movie villain (J. Anthony has been in top looks all season (except a few times when he was for some reason in the bottom due to a seeming lack of dramz happening this season).What is not yet widely understood is how that benighted policy led to the Bush Administration's fraudulent use of public funds, its sustained deception of Congress and its obstruction of justice. uncovered a huge scam at the Atlanta branch of the Lavoro Bank to finance the buildup of Iraq's war machine by diverting U. Instead of pressing the investigation or curbing the appeasement, the President turned a blind eye to lawbreaking and directed another billion dollars to Iraq. High-risk loan guarantees to achieve foreign-policy goals unlawful endanger that purpose. Baker's closest aid, Robert Kimmett, wrote triumphantly, `your call to . SOURCE: Safire was almost alone in the Corporate Owned Media of 1992 tying George Herbert Walker Bush to the illegal arming of Saddam Hussein's Iraq.As the Saudi Ambassador, Prince Bandar, was urging Mr. Baker to buy the friendship of the Iraqi dictator in August 1989, the F. Our State and Agriculture Department's complicity in Iraq's duplicity transformed what could have been dealt with as `Saddam's Lavoro scandal' into George Bush's Iraqgate. Neither the Commodity Credit Corporation nor the Export-Import Bank runs a foreign-aid program; their purpose is to stimulate U. Yet we now know that George Bush personally leaned on Ex-Im to subvert its charter--not to promote our exports but to promote relations with the dictator. In fact, very few liberal and almost zero conservative voices have dared oppose the Bush bandwagon, let alone the War Party.They played pond hockey at the Garden tonight and when it was over the Rangers had a 5-4 win.


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